Dear Global Citizen,It's time to recognize that we, the people (consumers in the eyes of brands), are the real power behind every brand in our daily lives.

Brands aren’t just logos or slogans; they're the stories, emotions, and people behind every product and service. We've witnessed how brands turn people into mere commodities.

Some brands are harming or even killing people because people become the product.Nothing new here.

Tales abound of exploited workers in factories, environmental devastation due to careless production, or individuals harmed for their watches or shoes. From financial crises to inflated prices due to geopolitical tensions.

Worse still, the willful pollution of habitats, places human health secondary to profits. New consumers will be born, hopefully, not too burdened by the mess they leave behind. But who's really concerned?Sadly, quite some brands have ceased connecting people, instead subjugating us.

After all, we always pay the price and perpetuate this system. Why? Brands, more than politics, wield immense power today. They influence our values, identities, and realities. Yet, many have forgotten their obligations to society and the people they serve.

We're daily bombarded with messages promoting desire, but where's the brands' sense of responsibility?Without people, there is no brand. People are the brand.

STILL….Remove humans from a brand, and it disappears.


All will result in an Ai brand, our greatest fear: machines we once controlled now controlling us. Nothing against Ai, as long as it is used for our greater good.We let it happen, don’t we? Can we do anything about it?YES…Introducing: Consumans United.A global movement transforming consumers as humans into consumans with one clear aim: restoring the balance of power.

We don't advocate boycotting brands but awakening to their true worth and responsibility.A call to remove "desirability" and encourage brands to be authentic, responsible, and meaningful."Take desirability out of the brand and bring authentic responsibility back in."Consumans United is more than a platform; it's a movement. A movement giving consumans their voice and power back.

We urge all consumans to unite, hold brands accountable, and demand they shoulder their global responsibilities. We have the right to choose where our money goes and the duty to ensure our choices benefit the world.Ai operated or not, the intrinsic motivation has to serve the greater good and be right!You decide.It’s no problem when money is made, that is not what consumans debate.

As long as we are honest and contribute to our greater good.Join us.Rise up, be heard, and let the passive brands know their era of recklessness is over. It’s time for brands to realize, that without us, they are nothing.United we stand,Consumans United


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